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Grand Concert of Spanish Music Saturday, 30th June, 2018, 2.30pm


Please join us for a grand afternoon concert of mainly Spanish music when we join forces with visiting Filipino classical guitar master Segundo Vasquez and Canberra's Rondanihan (Filipino) string band.

The concert will have an overall Spanish flavour with a number of pieces from the Iberian peninsula, but will also include Filipino plucked string music and a surprise vocal guest artist.

The concert will be held at Hughes Baptist church, 10 Groom St, Hughes from 2.30 pm on Saturday 30th June. Tickets are $20 and $15 at the door or online at (fees apply) or call 0407 431 332. We're also on Facebook !


Every Monday, 7.30pm, Hellenic Club, Moore St, Civic.


Beginner sessions start at 6 pm. New players welcome at
any level
Call 6231 5974